Vincent Bowe

Chief Peak Officer

Lead Brand Strategist & Copywriter

The one who built PeakHouse from the ground, up...

He's also the branding expert behind it all, who knows how to resonate with your audience and drive exposure through the roof!

You can trust Vincent to guide your design decisions so you stay relevant in your industry and keep up with your evolving offers.

He'll also compose compelling copy for your project that communicates your values, vision, and impact to the world.

Tessa Kate

Director of Visual Concepts

Lead Graphic Designer

The designer who has been here since the beginning...

Tessa helped with PeakHouse's very first project as an independent contractor and is now the lead in-house designer. 

She still constructs breathtaking designs and illustrations for our clients, while overseeing the overall creative direction for each project.

You can count on her to present exciting visual elements that you are proud to show off for years to come.

Alexandra Ganea

Manager of Tech Aesthetics

UI/UX Designer

The future-forward thinker who keeps your customer in mind...

Alexandra makes sure that your website is optimized for conversions and engagement. She helps us develop a strong underlying foundation for us to build great design on. 

With her keen eye, she carefully tests everything we produce and advises us on the best design methods for various platforms.

She also provides insight on how to modernize your business to stay ahead of the curve through AI and automation.

Chris Lam

Ambassador of Engagement

Project Manager

The oil to our creative machine...

Chris keeps our team on time and our customers delighted. He also reminds us of our goals and ensures our operations are aligned with our mission for PeakHouse as a company.

With his pulse on the latest trends, you will appreciate Chris' wisdom and tips on how to maximize your digital strategy.